Monday 31 March 2008

"Bronze on the Boyne"

“Bronze on The Boyne” is a unique mobile sculpture workshop project in the ancient bronze casting process. Travelling in the Boyne Valley area, it is designed for the general public, art students, artists symposia and all those interested in art and art history.

Inspired by the Rich Metalwork Heritage of the Boyne Valley “Bronze on the Boyne” is to be viewed by the public in open event demonstrations and public exhibition throughout the Boyne valley area of Meath and Louth. The project brings the participant from making a small clay sculpture into learning how to make a mould, preparing a wax and investing in a unique form of ceramic, into finally casting and finishing the piece in Bronze. Mostly using ancient technology, the project is led by artist Sean O Dwyer and is open to anyone who wants to learn and experience this pure and refined art of object making. We have already gratefully received some funding from Drogheda Borough Council and Meath County Council’s Arts Office. Information will be made available at