Tuesday 23 September 2008

Sketchbook Videos

New Work is now available to see on www.seanodwyer.com in the form of Sketchbook Videos. These works outline the development of ideas for paintings and sculpture and in many ways give a deeper insight into the meaning and symbolism of the paintings I make.

There is no way to put into words how ideas come in the form of images. Imagery by its nature is open to interpretation. Even when I think I know what an image means I often find out that it can be seen in an entirely new light because an aspect of it is revealed to me that I had not seen in it before. A good painting or drawing has several layers of meaning and if you look you can have meaning revealed to you rather like pulling away veils of silk one by one. This is why art captivates people. Even when they are not aware of it they are drawn to to it because they sense its ability as a medium to express something that goes beyond the everyday. These sketchbooks are presented in order to allow the viewer to peer deeper into the layers of meaning that holds relevence for anyone will to take a moment to stop and look.

Included here is one of the three videos on the website

www.seanodwyer.com SketchBK1, studies for "The Traveller"