Wednesday 13 October 2010

"Even here Her light guides me" cast resin panel on the back of the kiste

In the underground chambers Her light fills the darkest corners.

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"At The Threshold" cast resin panel on one side of the kiste

Standing at the threshold She looks up at the storm clouds.

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"Where we first met" cast resin from the front of the kiste

Cast resin panel depicting " When we first met" a scene from Her journey.

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"As The Lioness" the top of the kiste

Cast resin depicting one " A Scene from Her Journey" on the top of the Kiste.

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"In the Aether" detail from Kiste

"Scene from Her Journey" one side of the Kiste

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"Scenes from Her Journey" Detail from installation.

Cast white resin and wood box with five individually sculpted panels. Each panel depicts glimpses, different stages from a journey.

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Friday 8 October 2010


Sumi-e painting of a Robin. Demonstration for workshop participants.

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Thursday 7 October 2010

"Of Her" large A2 Watercolour in Sumi-E

A large watercolour in Chinese Sumi-E style with brush straight to paper. The image is inspired through romantic and classical ideas of beauty as being sought and discovered in images from Michael Cimino's "Heavens Gate" I980.

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