Tuesday 14 October 2008

The Celtic Tiger is alive and well and walking the streets of Drogheda

The Celtic Tiger is alive and well and walking the streets of Drogheda

That's how it is seen through the eyes of Artist Sean O'Dwyer in his latest large oil painting completed as Part of the "Scotch Hall Art Project"

" The Celtic Tiger is not just all about money", says Sean... "the Tiger can reflect our indomitable creative irish spirit. Through creative thinking we can overcome most difficulties and I wanted to paint the Tiger to reflect this idea despite all the bad news there is around at the moment. It all depends on how you look at it "

He recently painted the large 2.5 by 1.5 metre oil on canvas there in front of the public while in an "Open Studio" brought to a shopping unit in Scotch Hall Shopping Centre for two weeks as part of a unique and innovative project.

The piece shows a young angel (a portrait of his daughter Sorcha) sitting upon the Tiger with the famous local landmark of Millmount overlooking Drogheda in the background.

"I was thinking optimistically for the future and that's why I asked my daughter to pose as an angel for the work. I wanted to bring art to a busy place where people are going all the time and Scotch Hall was ideal for this. We can still make good things happen for ourselves. I brought my working practice to the centre in order that people can partake in the project and learn how to be more creative through workshops given there too.

"Being creative is good for the soul" the artist says." And thats what the Celtic Tiger is really all about as I see it"

So its not all bad news then!

Sean's Work will be on display to the public in Scotch Hall over the coming weeks.

See More of Sean's work at www.seanodwyer.com

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